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As the world becomes more globalized, mastery of the English language is becoming even more critical for young learners. Many top universities require mastery, yet finding the right English academy can remain challenging, especially for those who do not know where to begin.

The Teaching With Class Academy provides an advanced, yet inclusive, English Language Arts education to first and second language learners. Whether you’re an expat who wants their child to maintain the same level as their English-speaking peers in academia or your child speaks English as a second language and you want to further advance their skills, we have a place for you at the Teaching With Class Academy. We use a skills-based program and a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to allow each student to learn naturally, playfully, and effectively. 

Students participate in novel studies, debate, and writing classes, and learn to express opinions, evaluate texts, and create their own pieces which are published on a student blog that showcases their work. Students are able to either attain, maintain, or advance grade level literacy levels in English.

The Teaching With Class Academy also provides exam and test preparation, targeted lessons, and coaching to develop learning skills including self advocacy, independence, and organization. Learn more about our private academic coaching services. 

With an approach inspired by Universal Design For Learning, students access and engage with reading and writing assignments according to their own needs and goals. 

Our teachers are committed to equity, fairness, and openness. We work with inclusive material in our lessons and use novels that represent all students, allowing them to engage with diverse, interesting, and important subjects.

English Language Arts Courses

Our classes run in small groups, which allow for differentiation and personal attention to each individual student. Integrated learning allows our students to develop their reading and writing skills in a natural, engaging way.

Registration is open for March 2023.

Private Academic Coaching

Private academic coaching targets specific skills,  prepares students for tests and interviews, or helps them with homework and day-to-day time management. Each session is tailored to your child’s individual needs and schedules, and focuses on building the confidence and reading and writing skills they need to succeed.

Blog and Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership articles provide insights into the Teaching With Class Academy’s unique approach to teaching literacy and philosophy to children. The blog is updated regularly with the latest trending methods, ideas, and discoveries.

Kids Get Published

Read below to see how Kids Get Published creates a collaborative writing environment and builds student confidence. Children are able to get their writing published and share their stories, essays, and works with their teachers, peers, and parents. 


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