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Politics, Conservatism, and the AP College Board – Who Are We Censoring?

While we’ve been distracted by the outrage over Roald Dahl’s changed books, the AP African Americans Studies course has been being censored under our noses. The Florida Governor attacked the new course, and it’s been stripped down by the College Board. This matters. We… Continue Reading “Politics, Conservatism, and the AP College Board – Who Are We Censoring?”

Using a Skills Based Curriculum instead of Knowledge Based

A skills-based curriculum is based on what you can do or create, rather than what you know. Instead of memorizing major dates that occurred in the 100 Years War, students analyze the events of the war to determine who may have been at fault or how it could have been avoided.

Socially Just Education is a Long Game

This is a re-post of an article I wrote a year ago, in the wake of the George Floyd protests, that my students were asking me about. It is still important. It still shapes my teaching and my courses. In the last months, we… Continue Reading “Socially Just Education is a Long Game”