Summer Reading and Writing Program

Beat the Summer Brain Drain

This free summer program will keep your children reading and writing through the summer – from anywhere, at any time. Join our discussion forums on Schoology to get weekly book recommendations, articles, discussion topics, and writing prompts. Your children will be able to keep their brains active and their reading and writing skills where they were when school ended in June, so they’re fresh and ready to go back to school in September.

Returning students will get to keep their oar in the water, staying engaged with interesting books and ideas. New to Teaching With Class? This is a great way to test the waters and see what we’re all about.

All ages welcome

Participate on your own schedule, from wherever you are.

New novels and topics every week. Something for everyone!

Practice writing by participating in discussions with students from all over.

Can’t do it all? Do what you can, when you can

Creating engaged, confident readers and writers.