My child is either a fluent or first language English speaker. Are these classes right for them?

Yes! We are focusing on improving reading and writing skills, not only language acquisition. Your fluent student will be using an interesting topic to develop literacy skills. Students who are fluent in English will be working towards perfecting writing pieces and diving deep into texts.

My child is still learning English. Are these classes right for them?

Yes! Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) means that your students’ language acquisition will be tied to the topic and skills we are learning. Vocabulary and comprehension will be developed through authentic reading and writing instead of through boring and disconnected vocabulary and grammar exercises. CLIL means that your student will learn real life skills and natural communication.

How do you teach first and second language learners in the same class?

It works better than you think! Because I focus on the topic or skill, there are not actually two lessons going on. All students follow the lesson and conversation about, for example, Vikings, but they will not all produce the same work. First language learners will dive deep into the text and produce longer or more nuanced writing. Second language learners will focus on comprehension and produce solid written communication. Working together benefits both groups.

Will there be homework?

A little! These classes are a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. We’ll meet on zoom for live classes once a week, and students will log on to the online classroom between classes for reading material, prep work, and some writing in between. How much homework you do is also about your own goals and what you need to achieve.  It will be kept to a manageable amount!

Can you teach my child with dyslexia, learning difficulties, or other education-related special needs?

Yes! As a qualified classroom teacher, I am trained and experienced in teaching students with a wide range of diversity within the context of the class. Together we can develop strategies to best support your child in the class.

Will my child get a grade/note?

No. Your child will get regular, qualitative feedback that includes praise and areas to work on. By identifying strengths and goals, students are more empowered to improve their own work and to feel confident in the progress they have already made. At the end of a module, I will summarize the skills we’ve practiced and next steps to take.

Can you help my child with their school homework?

No. However, all the skills learned in these classes will be transferable to the classroom. If there are certain skills that your child needs to focus on to help them be successful in their classroom, talk to me about which class will be best for that and how I can best support those skills.

If you choose one-on-one coaching for your child, that will include some help with homework and content as well as learning skills and mindset.

My child is homeschooled. Can you help?

Yes! You can join one of the existing classes that will help with skills and knowledge that might supplement your homeschool program. If you have a group of 2 – 6 students, we can work together to form a homeschool pod based on your needs.

Can we come to you instead of school?

Not entirely, no. These classes will not guarantee a full curriculum. However, if you are homeschooling, we can work together to supplement your curriculum and fill any gaps.

What curriculum do you use?

I am trained in the Ontario (Canada) curriculum, and have worked with the British and French national curriculums. These classes borrow the methods and skills from these curriculums, but do not follow any one curriculum faithfully. Instead, they focus on particular skills in reading and writing as an end goal.

Do you teach private one-on-one classes?

Sometimes! If you have a particular skill that needs to be practiced or an event or test coming up, talk to me about a program, prices, and scheduling.

Do I need a lot of technology or technological skill for these classes?

No! Every program I use is designed with the classroom and children in mind. It is a fast learning curve and you will not need to purchase additional software or hardware. A laptop with the inbuilt microphone and camera, a strong internet connection, and an internet browser that will give you access to zoom and online classroom is all you need.

Do I need to buy a lot of materials?

No! In fact, unless you are taking the novel study class, you will not need to purchase any additional materials. The price to take the class includes access to the online classroom where I will create and provide all relevant materials. If you are taking the novel study class, you will need to purchase a copy of the novel – which will be easily available and inexpensive.

Can you give me advice about my child’s education?

Maybe! Let me know what your problem or question is, and I’ll do my best to sort you out or point you in the right direction.