English Literacy Program – 2022-2023

All Your English Literacy Needs in One Place

Teaching With Class is expanding for the 2022-2023 school year!

Choosing Teaching With Class for your English education will mean that your children will be able to keep up their reading and writing levels from their home country, or bring reading and writing up to grade level. Students from Teaching with Class have gone on to pass entrance exams to enroll in bilingual programs, bring their grades up in school, or return home without losing ground in their classes.

Our Saturday and Wednesday Program will cover all of the curricular strands – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – as well as focusing on learning skills, mindset, and critical thinking.

Classes run for the 33 weeks* of the school year, and will include synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Students can choose to enroll in the Saturday and Wednesday program for the full curricular coverage, or in only the Wednesday program. Enrollment in the Saturday program will include access to the Wednesday program.

All classes use a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom .

Registration is Open Now

Saturday Program

Saturday classes will run for two hours (with breaks!) on Saturday morning or afternoon, and will cover all the fundamentals of a literacy curriculum. Students will read articles and short stories, write a variety of texts, develop discussion skills, and develop confidence and independence.

Find the Syllabus & Calendar Here

Wednesday Program

Wednesday classes will run for one hour on Wednesday afternoon. Students will read novels, participate in debates, engage in interesting projects, and develop confidence and independence.

Find The Syllabus and Calendar Here

Junior Class (ages 8-10)9h00-1100
Intermediate Class (ages 10-12)11h00-13h00
Senior Class (ages 12-15)13h00-15h00
Junior Class (ages 8-10)13h00-14h00
Intermediate Class (ages 10-12)14h00-15h00
Senior Class (ages 12-15)15h00-16h00

Pricing and Enrollment

Literacy Program
(Saturdays & Wednesdays)*

enrollment in Wednesdays is optional
Wednesday ProgramTuition:

Creating engaged, confident readers and writers.