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Why I Don’t Use Grades

So, how did this happen? How did a student who can write a book report about a difficult book off the top of her head begin to think that she was a bad writer?

Collaborative Writing in Real Time

Using Google Docs for writing lessons has allowed me to give authentic, targeted feedback in real time, allowing students to incorporate improvements into their work as they go.

Kids Get Published

Writers Need Readers Introducing: Kids Get Published, my tool for creating authentic writing opportunities for children. Learning how to write is hard. Teaching children how to write well is even harder.  And we have to start in primary school. Too often, we leave intensive… Continue Reading “Kids Get Published”

Let Your Students See You Fail

This morning, during a zoom lesson with a 4ieme (8th grade) student, I forgot what caused Fragile X Syndrome. The lesson was on chromosome aberrations, and I am out of practice. He’s falling behind in his science lessons, and we are using his school… Continue Reading “Let Your Students See You Fail”