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At Teaching With Class, I am passionate about helping your children to reach challenging and exciting goals. Say goodbye to fill in the blank exercises, spelling tests, and worksheets. Instead, your students will learn to write articles, express opinions and ideas, debate issues, dive into interesting and diverse novels, and engage with the world.

I use a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach, and create inclusive, differentiated classrooms, using Universal Design for Learning. I have high standards, and high expectations, and I trust my students to rise to them. When we set high expectations, provide resources and support, and trust in the intelligence of children, great things happen.

CLIL is an approach that teaches content and language skills, including language acquisition, at the same time for authentic, connected, and deep understanding. It is engaging and interesting, and allows us to get away from worksheets and exercises.

We learn language the way we use language – as a tool, as communication, and as a part of our culture and identity.

Read more about how Content and Integrated Learning works HERE

Writing is communication. Students write authentic texts – book reviews, stories, and articles – that are published and shared. These are not exercises – students will really be sharing their thoughts with real readers. Being published creates a writing community, real motivation, and confidence rooted in pride.

See our student blog here:

Kids Get Published

Universal Design was originally a concept in architecture that has been adapted and applied to education. At heart, it suggests that rather than have two doors into a building – a staircase and a ramp – that divides us, we should design one door that works for us all.

This is an upgrade to differentiation – instead of two groups, two assignments, or two goals within the same class, we create one door for everyone.

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